I strongly recommend Dr. Farid especially for atheletes. I am a tennis player who plays 4-5 times a week and back injuries are a common problem with this sport. I had back/muscle problems. He was able to pinpoint exactly where the pain was. He really works differently than other chiropractors and uses a different technique with more of a sport approach which is more effective. He understands how to alleviate the pain so you can resume your normal sport routine and he provides you with some good exercises that focus on the area of the pain. I am extremely happy with the quick result.  As a person he is really attentive to what you say. He is my triple A Doc!!!!


Nora B. Gainesville, VA

I had chronic headaches and jaw pain for more than 20 years. I tried everything imaginable with little help. By the time I found Dr. Farid, I had nothing to lose. After several weeks of treatment, including dry needling, the jaw pain was gone and the headaches much more manageable. He was so knowledgeable, patient and supportive. Dr. Farid gave me my life back and I will be eternally grateful! I recommended him to my wife who has also had great success with other issues. Dr. Farid is worth every minute you will spend with him and more!

Will J. Vienna, VA

 Dr. Farid Mohammadi is truly amazing. I took my son who was in the peak of his track season to see Dr. Farid after he had pulled his hamstring. We thought that he would not be able to run for the rest of the season. Dr. Farid not only worked on my son hamstring to the get him healthy to compete but he also found the source of the injury and told us exactly what to buy to correct the problem. In addition, he came out to a Regional Qualifier to see my son compete. Thanks to Dr. Farid my son not only competed successfully after the treatment but he won 2 Gold Medals, 1 Silver and a Bronze at the AAU Junior Olympics finishing as the #1 ranked 14 year old boys Sprinter in the 200m and 400m for 2015.


Phill W.

I feel frustrated that it seems like so many doctors are over-prescribing medicine and under-prescribing prevention and true healing.  This is why Dr. Farid Mohammadi is such a welcome change.  He is truly passionate not only to end the pain by fixing the source of the problem but also in teaching his patients about prevention.  I first saw him in March 2013 when he used the Graston technique to help me heal my Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis that had caused me to crawl out of bed (literally) in the morning and stumble through my morning prep.  I had previously seen an orthopedist who diagnosed a walking boot and rest for three months without seeing any improvement.  Dr. Farid was able to fix the problem over the course of 12 sessions and taught me how to avoid the problem in the future.  I then saw him again in April 2014 when he helped me recover from a back injury sustained during a car accident.  Dr. Farid is truly an amazing doctor.

Mandy B. Manassas, VA

To be completely honest, when I see the word "chiropractor" I think "spine and neck expert" and that is all. But since Dr. Farid's background was athletic injuries and kinesiology , I thought I would try him out for a couple visits on a chronic injury created by weightlifting as well as years of physical punishment in the Army.  During the first visit, he immediately shocked me by diagnosing my injury as muscular not skeletal. I thought, "What?! You are a chiropractor. Isn't everything skeletal?!" He then explained to me what causes my injury, gave me a treatment plan, a timeline, and an honest prognosis.  Unbelievably, five visits later, my chronic injury was completely healed! Although I already feel ten years younger, I plan to see if he can repair every movement issue I have and roll back the clock another ten!


Mike B.  Manassas, VA

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